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Thank you Joe...see, I had to come back and check. I think if I can get myself on a good routine with my priorities straight, I will be able to figure out how to multiplex. I enjoy our discussions and learning and understanding, so certainly there is a place for something I enjoy in my life. But what I really need to do is learn to enjoy all of my life. I think you have shown that to me as if I did not already know if the Lord didn’t already tell me that…but sometimes discussion clarifies things with a gentle nudge.

And sometimes, lack of discussion gives one time to ruminate on the discussions that have taken place such that light bulbs go off. Thank you for keeping the door open, mine is as well.

I am getting work done today, as Joe would say. And bear says it is like popping corn, no matter how much I get done, people keep on putting more kernels in the popper and it overflows and becomes too much. I have much popped corn to organize here in this house. Growing boys are like popping corn too, if they would just stay the same size I could keep up with their clothes and “stuff,” but what I really need to do is what Warren did and teach them the discipline of taking care of their popped corn, but it takes a mother’s focus to do that. I have many things to learn, and to me that is the magic of a stable family…one learns while they are young as examples are set and taught so that life is not too overwhelming. I think I missed out on that too. So I must pick up, and do what I know to do even if it is not natural to me. Guess I am orienting again, and being a blabbermouth as if you care :)