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Respectfully W-B

I think you missed what was said.

I too live in a state that DOES NOT ALLOW "write-ins" (SC). We have already been to the elections board to try to figure out how to jimmy our way around the system.

Here is the letter explaining SC write-ins (answers in italics):

From: "Whitmire, Chris"
Sent: Wednesday, April 4, 2012 1:52 PM
Subject: RE: Questions regarding presidential election

Here are my answers to your questions:
I was told that South Carolina does not provide an option for write-in candidates for the presidential office. 
This is true.  State law prohibits write-ins for President and no write-in space is provided on ballots for the Office of President.
I also heard there's a possibility of writing someone in, if you request a paper ballot or use an absentee ballot.  Are either of those options true?
No, a write-in vote for President would not be counted.
I was also told that if a person who uses a paper ballot or absentee ballot does hand write someone in for president that the rest of the ballot will be invalidated & it will void all other votes for the other candidates.  Is that true?
No, if a voter were to write a name in under the Office of President, it would not invalidate the rest of the ballot.  Assuming votes were cast properly for other offices on the ballot, those votes would be counted according to law.  However, writing a candidate’s name in for President and marking a ballot candidate’s name could draw into question the voter’s intent and could invalidate any vote for President.  Regardless, it would not affect the rest of the ballot.
I'm assuming that anyone who uses the electronic voting machine will not have an option to write someone in, so that won't affect any of the other candidates. 
Correct, there is no option to write-in a candidate for the Office of President on an electronic voting machine.
If you have further questions, please let me know.
Thank you
Chris Whitmire
Director of Public Information & Training
South Carolina State Election Commission 
Post Office Box 5987
Columbia, S.C. 29250
Tel: 803.734.9070
Fax: 803.734.9366

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