Comment: Oh, I do believe abstaining can very well be a positive action.

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Oh, I do believe abstaining can very well be a positive action.

I'm not giving in to voting for Obama, Romney, or Johnson.
Political consequences don't mean anything to me, nearly as much as sticking with voting on principle.
How many times has a bill come up in 30 years that has been put in Ron Paul's face as "The most important bill of all time, and if you don't vote with us, you're against us." by fellow Republicans who have never read the Constitution.

I know full well that in my state, Montana is a red state, just as Washington is a blue state. Romney is going to win Montana, just as Obama is going to win Washington. Johnson is no Ron Paul, and there are reasons why I can't vote for any of them.

Like I said in the original post. Obama is going to win, and Romney & Johnson are going to be afterthoughts. Ron Paul's "MESSAGE" will go on. Ron Paul's rEVOLution will go on.

So, in voting my conscience, it would have been a vote for Ron Paul if he were in the running, or been a write-in if he was one on our ballot. Since it is not, but I will certainly have other local candidates, referendums, and initiatives to vote for on my ballot, I will 'Abstain' at least for president, as I can not in my conscience give my consent (my vote) for any of those 3 other guys.