Comment: Essentially true, except....

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Essentially true, except....

His sins are far more serious than just "political lies and maneuvering".

Romney DID need to defeat Ron Paul if he wanted to become the nominee.
He did NOT need to continue to contest every delegate sympathetic to Ron Paul (even the ones pledged to Romney!) long after he had the nomination sewed up.

He did NOT need to exclude any mention of Ron Paul' name from the stage at the RNC.

He did NOT need to insist that the RNC break their own rules by ignoring the nominating papers submitted for Ron Paul by six delegations.

He did NOT need to let John Sununu and Ben Ginsberg railroad the convention into adopting the most anti-republican, anti-grassroots rules changes in the history of the Republican Party.

And perhaps most significantly, he still does NOT need to condone (through his silence) ALL OF THE ABOVE.

As to his character, actions speak louder than words.

And sometimes, so does silence.

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