Comment: Any "write-in" vote will not be counted

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Any "write-in" vote will not be counted

Folks: In the USA, any so-called "write-in" vote will simply not be counted and not be processed. It is an entirely wasted and fruitless exercise, even if the only goal was to "send a message".

Write-in votes are regarded as a joke in this Country, and they are not counted, and not processed. They are treated much the same way as "provisional ballots" are treated -- that is, they may be collected but they do not figure in any of the final numbers.

If you want to do something serious, then vote for Gary Johnson. He is polling at 6% right now (despite no coverage), and with some Internet help he could easily shoot right up to 15%, and then be a real factor in the outcome.

Unlike Ron Paul, Gary Johnson's name is officially on the ballot in every State, and Johnson does not refuse to go hard after Mitt Romney, and he is not just trying to be just some academic educator.

When you have a hard problem, you need a Johnson.....