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Oath is to the party by-laws

Section C.. I will support the GOP nominee. The oath is not to Romney.. What if Ron Paul has won? How do you think the Neocons would feel about that oath? We also take an oath to the constitution, and this is where we are having the most fun, reminding them that we took an oath to the consitution.. and this is why and how we are changing the GOP from within.. reminding them to the oaths we took, as they reminded us. Golden Rule.

Ron Paul is not going to say, but Rand did, and those of us who have chosen to fight in the GOP to materialize the message.. yes, we will vote Romney, not FOR Romney, more like For outting Obama.

I look forward to tonight's debate as I expect Romney to begin sounding like Ron Paul.

PS, I have learned how other states removed the loyalty oath, and so now we will move to eliminate the loyalty oaths from our platforms.