Comment: I guess a lessor of two evils

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I guess a lessor of two evils

I guess a lessor of two evils would be someone who has two evils that people are leasing from him? Anyways, I call total BS on your "Ron Paul will get more write-ins than Johnson gets votes" line. It makes much more sense to vote for Johnson, who is an actual candidate. I thought we were all here to fight corruption and the two party duopoly. Having a strong 3rd party is a good thing. Voting for the LP allows them to get matching federal funds and be more of a contender next year. If we get a candidate who gets 5% of the popular vote, maybe people will notice and start to think more seriously about voting for a different party. Until then, it's status quo city. If you're going to write-in Ron Paul, I'm sure it'll make you feel good, but it's about as helpful as staying home.