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Cell-phone lady... thanks PzldPtrt

Yes, that was The Atlantic article that had the ranking of each state vis a vis industrialized nations. And I'd forgotten, but I did see Waiting for Superman. Tragic. Seeing those lotteries was hard to take. Thanks for bringing it up. For those interested, it's now on line. Part I And not that I got into it (this was long enough, as some here were kind enough to point out), but "Cartel" makes a "nice" companion piece - on gross misconduct on the part of teachers unions. But while I can't stand the sight of Randi Weingarten, and unions only make a bad situation worse, if we abolished teachers' unions, and schools all changed their hiring/firing policies and restructured salaries, I'm convinced that while it might save taxpayers a bundle, it wouldn't make much of a difference in the quality of education that children receive, no less the gap for minorities.

As a nation, we have a HUGE challenge, with problems at EVERY LEVEL of the system (not to mention our needing to deal with the negative consequences of the system to date). Those who deserve the mocking are today's so-called professionals with EdPhD's, who don't understand and couldn't care less about children or this country, using their positions of authority for other ends. I can't help but think of Ron Paul's frog in the boiling water analogy. This has been going on for decades already - one gradual change after another we somehow got used to, even to the point of people accepting an annual tradition where auditoriums are packed full of excited parents and children holding tickets hoping to win a door prize (attendance at a non-failing school). "And the number is... " It's sick. It's surreal.

While not pertaining to education, per se, to me this whole issue indirectly ties in with the Griffin interview recently posted. As I replied to a comment below, to be sure, not just that ignorant woman but ALL OF US are just viewed as *assets* by the *predators* in control. Apparently Charlotte Iserbyt has written on the subject of education and how it does directly tie in (to a global agenda). A comment below noted two salient links. and

The ptb have gotten away with murder here. Unfortunately, too few Americans have a grasp on just how dire a situation it is.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir