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Egads Danton

At first I asked the DP mods what's the deal why my e-mails never get delivered. (I also rarely receive e-mails from the DP or users) The mod (Jon) turned me on to info that my ISP ( picks and chooses what I may send out and receive.

It was then that I began to take note of how easy it is to drive a wedge in communications. The person "not being responded to" feels let down [as I experienced over and over until I figured this out - I thought for the longest time "no one loved me" ;)].

A fellow from C4L national came to my house last year (I think it was) and I tried to get him to understand even C4L stuff was being stopped from incoming. I thought perhaps C4L was big enough to ruffle AT&T's feathers on the issue.

Basically anything "liberty-minded"/Ron Paulish has been halted by or one of their workers (NSA?). If items do come in, they come in under already read e-mails but with the actual time sent as if they had been there all along. It's hard to explain but Rand Paul's stuff comes in like that all the time. I think the ISP does this so one overlooks items because one's already past it when the e-mail actually lands in ones inbox. If that makes any sense.

So thanks for trying. I'll try to catch it on Youtube, I've seen that it is there. Hugs Danton. SCB

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Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
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