Comment: The fetus "deserves" protection?

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The fetus "deserves" protection?

This is the type of logic that allows abortion to be a FABULOUS divide and conquer tactic. Who told you that life would be distributed fairly, and we would get what we deserve?
Motherhood is a sacred role. Why do you even consider basing your vote upon the notion of getting between a woman and her creator (not to mention up her goochie?)
The Creator gave us herbs to wash our womb, for we can be raped and there is no justice in forcing a woman to perpetuate the DNA of a rapist.
Which is it that you want someone else to decide for you, your moral decisions or your healthcare ones?
Abortion is NOT something we will all ever agree on, and knowing this, it will be a perennial "election issue" until we all grow up enough to STOP trying to impose our moral standards on others at the ballot box.
You all may succeed in making abortion illegal again. Did having it be illegal stop abortions before? (In case you are too young to remember, it did not.) Time to grow up, learn to live and let live.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.