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You replied to a comment that

You replied to a comment that referenced a chant of 'Bring Our Troops Home' and said Write In President Paul while posting a link to a chant -- all while on a topic of chanting.

If you weren't advocating a chant of WRITE IN PRESIDENT PAUL then I have no idea what you were even saying on your post.

And what really gets me is all you people saying to write in Ron Paul. We all know that will serve no purpose and is actually damaging to the cause if you convenience people to write-in when their state does not allow for such tactics.

The 'Holier than thou' mentality is far more damaging than helpful. Quit giving out political suggestions on a national forum when your suggestions are harmful to other people in the Country. How would it make you feel should some of them actually listen to you -- only to have their ballots and votes invalidated?