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I understand

I understand why you want to do this, but it's not practical. I planned on doing the same thing. But then I realized that the best thing we can do for Liberty, is vote for Gary Johnson and get him in the debate! Ron Paul endorsed him, Ron Paul new he would not get the nomination. BUt what he did was something bigger than him, you, me, and everyone else. He was doing it for Liberty. Ron Paul truly is the Thomas Jefferson of our lifetime. And we must not let him and his 30 years of work go to waste. Let us prove the Ron Paul revolution was real and is only getting bigger and became the Liberty Movement of 2012! And lets get a liberty minded candidate into the White House, it's what Ron Paul wants I'm certain thats who he is voting for! It's OUR turn to take that torch from Ron Paul and RUN, RUN as FAST as WE can!

Just my thoughts I would like to share.