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Totally staged

"Rock Star GJ!"

Doncha get it? Just prooves to me, this is all a charade. The beauty in Ron Paul rEVOLution was how genuine it was. Ron Paul was telling us, "There is a problem, and WE have to fix it, and it's NOT an easy fix.. you're going to have to do things you don't like or don't want to do, or never thought you would do.. but if you want to keep your Republic, we need to get in the GOP to fight, so make it fun, have fun with it, because you're going to be facing some of the dirties politics on Earth."

So here we have GOP GJ, with his bread and puppets act.. who needs to join the GOP? Who needs to be a delegate? Who needs to get a committee seat? Who needs to fix anything? LET'S PARTY!!!


Probably brought to us by the same folks who took Ron Paul's name to make P.A.U.L. fest. Posers.

Still, I will remain fighting for their freedom to enjoy their party.