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first breathe, then yes if

first breathe, then yes if your pro life you have to be a vegan(even then you are killing plant life). A rat has a brain it has pain censors, but you would gladly kill it.

Bacteria we have good bacteria in our stomachs thats needed to survive, it seems pretty important you dont exist without it.

you are probably religious to think humans deserve more rights, or superior than everything else.

thats the mind set to exploit nature and then humans, slavery was based on the "blacks had no souls" they were just "animals" Straw man arguments dont help your point it a sign of a weak debater,

A kid obviously has a right as an individual it doesnt need a host any more so its a viable individual. No need to kill it any way, if so I believe if you have the power to stop murder you should.

If you are pregnant its your choice your body, common sense is used.

Your opinion works on a fascist thinking, because with your premise miscarriages should hold the parents liable, and guilty of neglect you have investigations, did the mother smoke? what food did she eat? was she excited too often?....etc

Stay out of peoples bodies, once the kid is out adopt. By the way you must be adopting alot of the babies since your so passionate about the subject