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Comment: i would say that

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i would say that

only the truely ignorant don't already know that tptb have picked their candidates, scripted the debates, and controlled the major parties with their money.

only a truely ignorant person would listen to what these two puppets have to say and beleive that they really mean any of it.

only a truely ignorant person would not know that both the major party candidates support the same things, such as, ndaa, fiat money, military interventionism, crony capitalism, and corporate fascism.

the time for due dilligence is long before we are stuck with two, major party, candidates that only watch out for the monied interests and could care less about the citizens of this country or the country itself.

there is nothing that either one of these puppets could say that would change my opinion of how corrupt they and their system is, because i know that they are only pandering for a vote and haven't got an honest bone in their bodies.

ignoring reality is what has left our constitution in a shambles and our freedoms in jeopardy.

i've done my due diligence and the reality is, a vote for either of the major party annointed candidates is a vote for tyranny.

write in Ron Paul to restore the constitution!