Comment: Building 7 could not have fallen without demolition, impossible.

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Building 7 could not have fallen without demolition, impossible.

Even if Bldg 7 were possible to fall on its own, it would be against the law of physics to fall in the manner that it did. It fell as did Towers 1 and 2, free fall speed, straight down without hesitation, on its own footprint - totally impossible on this physical plane that we live; in another dimension, maybe, who knows. The pyroclastic flow of smoke at ground level well before the collapse was indication that main pillars were being taken out with thermite/thermate charges inorder to facilitate free fall. Bldg 7 dropped in under 8 secs as I recall - again, totally impossible.
The ground floor white pyroclastic smoke encompassed a radius of a couple miles in every direction - proof of Demolition.
If you looked at videos, you would see at the very top of the bldg, the center creased downward before any other part and before the bldg's move downward - proof of main center columns cut on diagonal in the basement. Look also as the bldg is dropping, you can see "squibs" (black smoke from explosions on each floor) actually going UP up the bldg - proof of an unnatural event taking place.