Comment: Alliance - Another thing most have a hard time understanding

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Alliance - Another thing most have a hard time understanding

is that "The Government" can't do ANYTHING to ANYONE! "The Government" is a abstract idea.

There are lots of individuals who have bought in to the whole illusion (most likely you know of some, maybe many) who put on uniforms and use violence to enforce rules and regulations that "The Government" has created for everyone to follow or else they will be punished.

If the REAL people who physically enforce the rules and regulations of the abstract idea called "The Government", would wake up and realize that it's not "The Government" that is harassing and harming the rest of us, it's THEM!

The only way a concept like "The Government", can have any power at all is if enough people have been brainwashed into thinking that it's not a concept at all but a real thing that has physical properties such as the ability to touch and be touched.

So, I'm not worried about "The Government" kidnapping me since no such thing exsists. I do worry about men in uniforms, with guns, who claim they work for this imaginary concept. People who don't know the difference between what is real and what is an illusion are very dangerous.