Comment: The GOP wants you to be angry

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The GOP wants you to be angry

The GOP wants you to run away and allow them to get away with their "shenannigans".

Some of us are not going to run away, but stay in and FIGHT.

I realize not everyone is ready, willing, and able to fight for liberty, or understands how Ron Paul's message is best materialized in the GOP, but the few of us who do, know this is the best fight of our lives.

It's strange, that the national delegates (I was one, listed with the Sec of State in CA, and since Romney won, his delegates went to Tampa, but the ones from my district did not go), many of them stayed in the GOP, many of them are seated or getting seated and running for office, and they were directly affected, still they remain to fight, while those who never joined the GOP, never tried to become delegates, aren't interested in getting inside to fight, seem to act like it hurt them most.