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Yes, I indeed would like to see the LP gain major party status. We have a lot of pro-liberty folks wanting to seek office at all levels. The GOP changed the rules during the convention that kills grassroots within the party.

The LP has been more of a theoretical party, or maybe philosophical sandbox, for a long time. It represents pro-liberty philosophy though. A perfect place for pro-liberty candidates to find an agreeable place to run. Even libertarian leaning Republicans could jump parties and skip all of the resistance they get from the GOP (and which will now get even harder).

I look at Romney and Obama and see very little difference. Romney is the Republican National Committees anointed choice, so it's no accident that he's so much like Obama. The two major parties have merged into a quasi-single party, presenting the illusion of choice.

Time to break the stranglehold that the global financial elite has created with their control over the two major parties.