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I read through them

I can see that he isn't the conservative that he painted himself as. The information has made an impact on my decision. The only things I could vote for him on is 1.the repeal of NDAA and Patriot Act...but if he lied about his conservatism then I have no reason to trust him on civil liberties. 2. Getting the libertarian party to 15% in the election would force a 3rd voice into the elections next go around.

I can vote for someone even if we don't agree 100% as long as they do what they say they are going to do. He or she would be principled enough to earn my vote.Is that worth it? ...something to think about. What is the point of getting a 3rd party of liars out there? It is no different than what the establishment has been doing for years. My vote for GJ would have been purely strategic. I don't expect him to win. There literally is just no one else to vote for.

At this point it is all about building it from the ground up. After writing this I am leaning back toward a write in for RP.