Comment: Let's deal with facts.

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Let's deal with facts.

Firstly, it was not "free fall speed". Depending upon how one calculates the start, it was anywhere from 1.10ish to 1.30ish the rate of free fall. That may not seem like much, but it's important.
Secondly, it did not fall straight down. It's early motion was to twist, and it fell to the south, measuring about 120 degrees with 15 floors still up. The upper floors ended up across the street.
Thirdly, after taking the hits it did right in the gut from massive hunks of steel falling from 1WTC, and after eyewitness testimony from the fire dept that it had severe gouging in it's center, to make the leap and claim the support structures were cut with thermate is simply a wild guess and an intellectual stretch; by no means fact.
Lastly, please provide a source for pyroclastic flows prior to collapse.

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