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Comment: I know you have already decided it was explosives, so I know

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I know you have already decided it was explosives, so I know

you will not be able to get your mind around this, but yes, gravity most certainly could have caused beam ejection and the pulverization of matter.
Take a simple plastic knife or fork and stand it on end with your finger on a surface which offers resistance. Push down, and the knife will bend then spring to the side the moment your finger is a little off center. The steel beams could have reacted similarly. The evidence suggests they did just that, seeing as how there are no cut beams in the debris piles, only dismembered beams at their connections.

Try to visualize all the contents of the upper floors, massive chunks of hot concrete, steel beams, all the offices and cables and equipment, pouring into the lower tower at one time, creating a jumbled mega meat grinder, and super heated at that. Yes, I can imagine pulverization would take place.

Yes, I can imagine tremendous heat was generated with all that friction, enough to generate the dust laden pyroclastic clouds.

Secondary explosions and molten metal in the basement are inconclusive. You do realize the parking lot with all the burnt cars was burning prior to either collapse? That wouldn't explain all the reported explosions, I'm not claiming that. Exploding tires around the corner out of sight amidst all that confusion could explain some however. There are some many possibilities for the others it's just not sometning either of us can explain with certainty. The molten metal too. Aluminm only requires about 1200 F to melt. Mixed with impurities, that could be what the firemen saw. We don't know, do we?
It doesn't prove anything one way or the other. It does remain on the table as a factor.

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