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yes Principles and honor are

yes Principles and honor are subjective arbitrary words the kamikazes during pearl harbor were considered Heros honor and principle so these words really have no meaning except for those who value it

To some Hitler Stalin and Mussolini had honor, principles and such

The British and our current power structure doesn't think the revolutionaries were hero's with honor and principles.

I do think the founding fathers and those who fought for Liberty are very admirable, and brave individuals, heros to me, most likely Patriots of Liberty indeed.

Civil war is the first war that broke the constitution and the LIberty of America. Lincoln used slavery to take over the states, I would agree with military stopping slavery because of the Individual is sovereign

WWI was a currency war and the usual MO, the progressives and globalist have hijacked our foreign policy, and started the rise of Hitler and the Nazis

The individuals who signed up or were drafted are not necessarily heroes, I dont know any of them and they were used as bricks in the wall, to achieve global dominance