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Wow a knock when out of line

Wow a knock when out of line sounds like a statist with power hungry eyes, Doug Wead and Jesse Benton should have sent you running from Paul, What about Peter Theil BILDERBERG group elite which comprises of CFR, Trilateral commision, the Carlye group etc.

I would never tell a veteran for no reason he is or not a hero or have honor, its just rude, Henry Kissinger I would call a WAR criminal, thats something I would do.

I never wave the flag, and to say all veterans have givin me Independence why would need a LIberty movemnet, every thing should be free and prosperous? Who needs a revolution because the military industrial complex gave me NDAA, Gitmo, IRS, welfare state the WAR FARE STATE and so on

You should always honor history learn and be thankful past generations kept the ball rolling but thats not giving any body anything, all past generations are honorable for living dying, making errors and achievements. Military is atool for violence pure and simple if its just that is debatable according to each party involved

Hell our evolutionary fore fathers were heros surviving and then thriving into humans

These are arbitrary questions with no game plan "If they come for you will you fight?"

Its all on circumstance to why we do anything, If i wasnt for LIberty I wouldnt be here and would not have spent the past 4 yrs campaigning for it.

remember Natioanlism is a toool all dictators prefer..just know your enemy and GJ is not it