Comment: It's not about Ron Paul

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It's not about Ron Paul

It's about Ron Paul's message, which he believes should happen in the GOP, and why he establsihed C4L, and taught people how to become credentialed Republican delegates, how to get a committee seat, how to vote NO to unconstitutional issues, resolutions, inniatives and platforms.

So really, if you are a Ron Paul supporter, by this time, you should have joined the GOP, tried to become a credentialed delegate and taken a committee seat, become part of the C4L, if you couldn't get a seat or become a delegate, become part of a GOP PAC that supports Ron Paul's message become a Ron paul RepubliCAN and show up to committee meetings to give political support to the Ron Paul RepubliCANs who did.

Most on the Ron Paul rEVOLution that worked the closest with Ron Paul are now backing Romney over Obama, third party and write in are not options.

We are in a war of ideas, the arena has been chosen by Ron Paul himself, as he continues to be a RepubliCAN, Rand is a RepubliCAN.. none of us left the GOP, we are still inside fighting.

So what are you doing? Crying over Obama and saying you are a Ron Paul supporter who is planning on defaulting for Obama.

Looks to me you're for Obama.