Comment: Are the debates scripted?

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Are the debates scripted?

I was listening to the beginning and heard the announcer say no candidate knows the questions. But both were clearly reading from a script.

Also, yeah, IMO Romney kicked Obama's a-butt. But it seemed like he stole a bunch of stuff from our movement.

Did anyone else notice it looked like Obama had new teeth, Romney's teeth looked whitened too, but Obama looked like he was sporting a whole new set unless I never noticed. That's not important though although it must be nice to be able to afford dental care.

Both were disingenuous and both basically said what the other side would do. That was a waste of an hour and a half. The only reason I watched was to see what lies they will tell and for entertainment.

But I think it was a thrown fight. The president looked like he was on heroin and was wearing mascara. Romney looked like he popped a few greenies. But in my personal opinion, Romney wiped the floor with Obama which made me lose a bet with high stakes. Much to my dismay. Luckily the bet was for hard labor and not money. I get to scrub toilets for a week rather than have to scrub toilets for a day (5X odds). I honestly thought Obama would make Romney look like an idiot. Maybe it's just for ratings or to get more people to vote.

Where did Romney get his coaching for this debate? Or was Obama just horrible and maybe stayed up all night??? It was one of the biggest wastes of my time. I'm not wasting any more time on debates this year though, that's for sure.

Yeah, both of their smiles were disgusting but what's new?

They are both the same personality lying along so called party lines. That makes me sick.