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You're right!

What I follow is logic whose first principle is the individual. Because I comprehend individuality, I oppose collectivism, the subjugation of the individual. So, you're right. I follow no one. I think.

More and more, beesting, I'm glad Michael Nystrom removed Ron Paul's photo on the Daily Paul. You know, at first I found that removal distasteful. But now? Now I'm on my way to agreement with Michael.

beesting, if you understand what I said, you will see I argue for you, not against you. I want you to choose your currency, a derivative of the word current, a thing in the middle which in monetary discussion is: the medium of exchange. But I do oppose your advocacy: For something you or something besides you that you contracted with to apply your value to my transactions. I do not and wouldn't think of forcing you to use my values, beesting. Why do you want me to use your values despite I want to use mine?

I will not read what article you link to and I will not watch what video you link to. I have zero -- ZERO -- interest in reading and watching what you think I ought to read and watch WHEN it isn't a small portion of your argument, a supplement, but is a large portion of your argument or, worse, is your argument. When references are a large portion of an argument or are the argument, there is no argument, the person putting them forward has NO argument. beesting, please know this: I will debate you, but I will not debate your sources, because to debate sources is to:

a) corner myself;
b) in essence admit defeat regardless the validity of your argument and my argument;
c) debate the authors of your sources INSTEAD of you; and,
d) be unfair in that you, the person who references, take the easy way out of debate, showing you aren't serious about attaining truth but are serious about wasting my time and energy. I waste no time and energy, mine and consequently yours. I respect my time and energy and, consequently, I respect yours.

So, beesting, if you want to debate, let's debate. Your move.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton