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It is giving up

We are meant to vote for who WE think should be president. Not who wears the right color. They are both the same when you get right down to it except for a few slightly unimportant topics.

I seriously doubt that RP will vote for Romney, but we have no way of knowing since that is his personal business. He has chosen not to share this info and I respect that... that being said I find it extremely hard to believe he will vote for a man who wants to pump yet more money into the military and has obvious anger issues.

It does not matter though, because the point is that we vote for who we want. Not for who we are told to vote for either by state, party, color or popular belief. We vote our own consciences and that is how it is meant to be. It has become distorted and Americans have been turned into puppets for those in power. We all feel as if we have no choice but to do this or that when, in fact, we can make HUGE changes if we all lose the mind set you have promoted above.