Comment: In a street fight against the state, you will loose.

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In a street fight against the state, you will loose.

Thought it was great until the narrator guy advocated violence. If there is one thing that the American Empire is good at, it would be killing lots of people.

I mean... really? How did he go from Gahndi to Rambo?

I'd rather not sink to the level of active killer. If attacked, I will defend. But only as an individual, I would never join a band of killers who were stupid enough to try and take down the U.S. government with physical force.

Ideas are stronger than words, anyway.

God, this video made me pissed, but I'm not gonna rant anymore. It just that... ahhh, as a Ron Paul supporter, I'm ashamed that this was on the front page.

Really Micheal? Do you advocate joining a rag-tag group of ex-cops, citizens, and ex-military with the intent of killing other Americans in costumes? (really expensive, kevlar-lined costumes) Would you really join a gang so that you could all get together and try and kill some bureaucrats?

If not, then you should not be posting videos on the front page that advocate organized violence as an even NEARLY acceptable solution.

Like I said, the video was interesting until it started suggesting violence.

Our lives are better spent improving the minds of our fellow man rather than acting as cannon fodder.

If this century has taught us anything, it is that killing more people isn't going to solve the problems of the world.

Rant over.