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Cognitive Dissonance

It's hard to either change your lifelong views and easy to accept the your life's views. Once you've solidified 60 or 70 years into your head you won't want change either.

I've got my parents to change a little, but think of it if you were their age. Little time left to live, why not live in ignorance/bliss?

Plus they had so much propaganda shoved into their noggin it's stuck.

My family has long since voted democrat and my mother is actually going to vote for Romney. While I agree both Romney and Obama are the wrong choice I gave my mom a pat on the back for thinking different than usual. She actually told me the Paul videos she watched changed her mind as far as party, but she is voting along R party lines.

So I told her I support the decision she makes but don't vote on party lines. Evidently my Dad is giving her a real hard time to vote for D so I got both on the phone and told them to vote for whomever they wish but don't bicker over it.

I wonder if parties flip flop every generation. On my dad's side my grandfather was a democrat but my grandmother now a republican who hordes money and my dad begrudges her for that. I try to tell my dad she grew up in the depression and we may be in one at the moment and not to sweat it and enjoy her while she's alive. Let her horde her money. I would. Older people are generally more wise until a certain point. She hasn't reached that point although she's passed life expectancy by a long shot.

She sees we hit a bust then a boom and another bust in her lifetime. She knows what to do in a bust. I've told her to leave her estate to my cousin, a single mom. I am a single dad but my cousin is in dire straights. She lives in Nevada (probably in better areas than I) but she's a single mom and needs the cash to better her family. I can fend for myself. I have come under tremendous assault from my family with my views but I think it's the best thing to do.

My main deal is the house should remain in the family. So if my cousin takes control of the estate she needs to move to Atherton/Menlo and find a new job and retain the home.

Therein lies the problem. The home may be liquidated. And it's worth at least 3.5 mil.

My cousin likes drugs. She may liquidate the property and kill herself. I dislike drugs and I would like to live there. But she needs it more if she didn't use drugs. If things go as my family pronounces, the property will be sold, I will receive a part. Which will give me the money to buy property somewhere and live sustainably.

But I really like the house and half acre a whole bunch and would rather not give it to Mark Zuckerberg. I'd rather have it given to my drug addicted cousin with the contingency that it can't be sold. That's where my family gets pissed. They want the money. Money buys misery.

Property is peace and happiness.