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Comment: I am aware of a very few pieces showing eutectic corrosion.

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I am aware of a very few pieces showing eutectic corrosion.

It is definitely a red flag, but not conclusive. The splotchy holes could be a sign of prior corrosion; not outside the realm of possibility considering there was no barrier between the aluminum cladding and steel siding (don't overlook that clue!). The enigma is if that were a sign of thermate (not saying it isn't), there would be more than just a few pieces, and we would see cut members.

Regarding the evidence, we have extensive video and photographic evidence now with recently released raw footage. With that and all the photos, we can find some cut beams. ASCE culled through all the debris for six months before it was recycled taking samples. They didn't find any cut beams. They did find a few anomalies, but they found an overwhelming amount of shearing. If you are suggesting shaped charges were used on the bolts and welds, I suppose that is within the realm of possibility. The standing core, however, does not support that theory.

Regarding AE, they are deliberately misleading about 7WTC. Once I woke up to that fact, I lost all respect for them. And you'd think an architect would be able to figure the cores likely did not sever completely prior to collapse. Those are unforgivable sins of omission, especially considering the gravity of this matter.

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