Comment: large toys which can be shot down, sunk or blown to bits

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large toys which can be shot down, sunk or blown to bits

with all due respect...

America is not a military superpower. Just a lot of large toys which can be shot down, sunk or blown to bits.

What will happen when countries, who supply raw materials needed for manufacturing state of the art bombs, demand to be paid in gold?

Yesterday, I heard a military guy talking on Red Ice Radio. He claims most of the US military rank and file are gang types with mental hang ups and the US military brass are either dooms day Dominionists or Satanists and many of them are into raping children.

So who would actually win the war? I'm betting on the Iranians.

First, they will have the home team advantage. Second, they've got millions of people ready to sign up for duty should there be a war.
Not gang members, not paedophiles, not satanists or dumb teenagers, just plain old regular Iranian people who want to and will protect their turf.

Sure... the government may fall, but the country and the people will survive.
Perhaps, it will be a good time to settle accounts for 1953 and 1979... shit like that just doesn't just happen by itself, you know.

Just today, an Iranian news outlet ran a story about major bazaars closing down in the city of Tehran due to hard times because of economic pressure from outside.

Let it rip... Watch out for manufactured pandemics. Max Keiser is predicting a financial collapse in April 2013.

If this turns out to be correct...i figure, the crazy banksters will try to start a war a month before then, in MARch.

What if the American people preempt the banskters' plans?