Comment: Here's a question for you geniuses.

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Here's a question for you geniuses.

All of the steel siding which came apart, came apart at their connections to each other. Obviously not all of those connections came apart because we can see pieces falling that were 4, 5 and more panels together. Now those panels were on the sides of the buildings, in plain sight, covered only by aluminum cladding. If thermate was used to cut those connectors, we would have seen sparks flying all over the place on the sides of the building. The aluminum would have been breached in those areas. So how did those connections come apart? And if thermate was used, how did they gain access to those areas? Did they cut drywall on the inside and patch it right away so no one would notice? It's possible they went through the ceiling, but that doesn't add up. The design of the siding was stair stepped, and very few of the joints would have coincided with the ceilings. How would they have known where those joints were? How did those siding joints come apart?

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