Comment: This is a 100% fake story PLANTED by globalists

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This is a 100% fake story PLANTED by globalists

If you ever wanted to know how gov'ts and "intelligence agencies" manipulate the masses, this is a perfect example. This is 100% a PLANTED story. That means you should mark the author as a gov't tool being used by the ruling elite.

North Korea is closer to re-unifying with South Korea than it is to even firing one bullet, let alone nukes. The son of Kim Jong Il is thoroughly westernized having been educated in Switzerland among other places. His trusted staff and installed lieutenants were all foreign educated as well. They want North Korea to be more developed and to enjoy modernization.

For an honest assessment of the situation by someone who is not under the influence of the Anglophile MSM propaganda machine see this interview with famed investor and Austrian economist Jim Rogers (who BTW is a strong Ron Paul supporter).

The entire interview is worth listening to but the parts relevant to Korea start at 20:10 where Jim slams "American propaganda".

So now you can know this article is a 100% LIE. 100% propaganda. This article is brought to you by the same people who authored Boehner's teleprompter at the RNC. This article is PLANTED by the RIGGERS. Don't believe a word of it.