Comment: I don't get some of you people!

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I don't get some of you people!

Some of you guys are saying, it was good till he got to the point where he advocated violence! Even though he didn't... He said in order to beat the establishment, it has to be in 3 phases. 1st get the word out, like educate people, talk to your politicians, give speeches, etc. The 2nd phase is civil disobedience(non violent) like not paying taxes as a mass unit. The 3rd phase is self preservation! Why do we have our 2nd amendment? Not for hunting!!! It's to protect ourselves n our property, but it's also to be able to overthrow our government and start a new one! Use your head! You think the government is just gonna let you overthrow them? There coming to kill you man! This is the point of no return.... Y'all talk like this now, but when all hell breaks loose, y'all won't be sounding like MLK... Are you just gonna watch your neighbors get killed? I think some of y'all will.... Ughhh

juan maldonado