Comment: Nonsense! Barack Hussein is the Lord of 16 trillion dollars

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Nonsense! Barack Hussein is the Lord of 16 trillion dollars

Nonsense! Barack Hussein is the Lord of Sixteen Trillion Dollars, seated upon the Dragon Throne, the Blessed Son of Heaven! And Michelle is His Queen, waited upon by 35 handmaidens, with an unlimited credit card.

The Dragon Emperor's household expenses last year were $1,400,000,000. Okay, that is HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES, not including security and other external expenses. That amount is more extravagant than any household expenses borne by the Emperors of China, whose Forbidden City housed 20,000 eunuchs, whose dinner consisted of 100 dishes.

Its more than Mogul emperors like Aurangzeb ever dreamed of lavishing upon themselves! More than the Ottoman Sultans with their seraglios and harems! More than the Tsars! More than the sordid French Bourbon kings!

Its More than all of those horribly corrupt and degenerate tyrants combined!!

If the Dragon Emperor is failing to beat up Bishop Willard in the debates, its because this guy was always a lazy puppet, and his backers, the Eunuchs of Wall Street, aren't there to prop him up.

But never, NEVER claim he wants to leave this fabulously lavish lifestyle of endless parties, golfing trips, vacations, al a carte service, sumptuous dining, and ESPN on demand, for something BETTER.

There is NOTHING better than being a PUPPET PRESIDENT for the Eunuchs of Wall Street. NOTHING!

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"