Comment: no one is angry if paul

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no one is angry if paul

no one is angry if paul doesn't endorse gary johnson. i never expected his endorsement. We would like his endorsement but ron paul is not running. I did what i could to get ron paul on the colorado ballot but it feel on deaf ears in july. I will be voting for who is on the ballot in colorado, Gary Johnson

On the same note i will not vote for anyone endorsing obamney(romney)

circle jerkin ron paulers remind me of zombie romney lovers! They should vote on sims/ps3. there vote will count there.

where are all those write-in folks. When we could of gotten Ron Paul on a legal ballot, oo yeah ron paul would have to sign off on colorado and many states or it wouldn't of happened!

folks crying over us voting for gary. should use a tissue write ron paul on it and flush. That is how much their vote will count unless they are in maine and a few other states.

Ron Paul 2016