Comment: Welcome to the world of silver

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Welcome to the world of silver

You can buy at either online shops or at a local coin shop. Below are some good online shops that I or my friends have done business with.

I'd highly recommend keeping the size of denominations to 10 oz and under. The smaller it is, the harder it is to fake. I foresee silver going to such a high price per oz that you'll want the smallest sizes to make change. Really, at this point, I'd stick mostly to 1 oz coins and smaller.

Silver Eagles are great, but the premium's a bit higher.

I would buy a great deal of pre 1965' Constitutional silver.

Stick to quarters and dimes mostly. Remember, the smaller the denomination, the longer you can make your silver last if you have to use it to pay bills in an extreme emergency. Good luck! Let us know later what you bought.