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yep, as far as i am concerned

yep, as far as i am concerned these anti-gary folks are just obamney trolls and not ron paul supporters like they claim.

notice they look for these threads. They have crawled so far up romney's azz. They will vote for Obamney while attacking us for voting for Gary johnson over Obamney.

I view any ron paul supporters trying to bash Gary and us for not voting for obamney. As Romney lover's or ps3/sims lovers!!! unless they actually live in a state like maine where he is on the ballot.

I have no problem with Ron Paul supporters voting ron paul in states that count them but alot of these dp'ers are full of obamney crap!!

Gary Johnson 2012 over Obamney.

i do find it strange that so-called ron paul supporters are bashing us for voting for Gary Johnson over Obamney. They(dper's and so called ron pauler's) have 0 credibility and i have to assume they are mis-informed or romney zombie's or ps3 players!!

Ron Paul 2016