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I have done more research

Apparently when he became governor the state was growing at a rate of 10% per year. His campaign promise was to cut it to 5%. He did exactly what he said he was going to do in that regard. He did balance the budget and the deficits grew under his governance. How you ask? Well I can pay all my bills every month and have money left over(I balanced the budget) but I have a credit card that has interest accumulating, my deficit grew. Everything I am reading about him says that he left NM in a much better position than when he entered. He balanced the budget and left NM with a surplus. - These things are true. The whole argument presented on those web pages were based on the deficit growing and the state grew faster than the rate of inflation. As I said it was growing much faster and Gary cut it to the point that he said he would - even by the authors own admission. He never said that he reduced the deficit, at least not that I can find. Just as well, before you can actually start reducing the deficit you have to make sure that you have surplus funds left over from your budget to do it. In that regard he held true to his word.

After further research I would say that Gary is not a liar and he wasn't intentionally being misleading. I am going to keep digging to see if I can further verify information but as of right now the pendulum has swung back in his favor.