Comment: Yeah I know what you mean..

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Yeah I know what you mean..

I wish Gitmo Johnson was the real deal. I wish he wasn't the fiscally defunct NM governor that he is. I wish he stood tall on Libertarian issues.. I wish he wasn't pandering to a crowd. I wish his minions hadn't come here pre-maturely to actively campaign before Dr.Paul's bid was over. I wish they hadn't sought to discredit him and rob him of money and people. I wish they were honest about why many of them refused to vote for him. I wish they had sense enough to see they have been played by their own ignorance and arrogance again in picking a faux-Libertarian.

I wish a lot of things that I know probably won't happen but one thing I never counted on happening was a victory by write-ins. GJ people think they're being logical and or loyal by voting for him. They think they have a plan to further a third party to two party status. What good does it do to help the Libertarian party if they're putting out the enemy of Liberty in a faux-Libertarian.

Maybe we're not doing as much wishing as they are. Wishing that what they're doing is going to give them a voice. If Wayne Alan Root and Bob Barr were able to gain status and the nomination of a party that's suppose to hold true to Liberty, then I'd say what they're doing is the biggest wish of all.

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