Comment: These sick puppies will continue bombing foreve

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These sick puppies will continue bombing foreve

Hillary Clinton laughs about possible war against Iran

She mentions it would be nice for America to be attacked in order to unify the country! False Flag in Feb 2013.

In times to come, people will ask HOW DID IT HAPPEN?
With help from the likes of Charlie Rose, the Clintons, the Bushes, the American corporations, the American military, the think tanks, the secret societies, the doomsday sayers, etc,.

I feel sorry for westerners like myself...we have psychos at the helm. No good will come of it. It would seem the worst enemies of America are the hordes of limousine hacks who were born in America.

But say, they go and mess up Iran... do you think they will stop there?

These sick puppies have nothing to offer but fiat currency and they are hell bent on making the world accept it...even if they have to kill all the world to do it. These sick puppies will continue bombing forever - it's all they know how to do. See how they talk about killing millions of Iranians and laugh about it.

To conquer Iran, they will have to put boots on the ground... carpet bombing has its limits.

Woe onto foolish America soldiers and assorted mercenaries who would do the bidding of the limousine hacks. They will go to Iran, but they will never return.