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"Objective" From Croatia

"Educated Ron Paul supporters" comment without even reading topic they comment about lol... I read both side of this story. I wrote about "lack of communication" on RPF-s almost a year ago and predicted things like this will be happening....
-"Q Fish religion." I watched their live streams and they look like nice people. Problem is that on web page of their church there is picture "Jesus did 9-11" and calling every Christian religion wrong (name of Satan was mentioned)except their own. It is sad reality but I understand why Al didnt wanted them as delegates and didnt wanted Ron Paul connected with their church. I am sorry but that is reality of politics. Appearance of things.
-"Legal stuff". I read FEC rules (was curious) and I understand that official campaign couldnt coordinate with grassroots because grassroots went and organized on their own. Grassroots screwed here big time.
-Al Gerhart is aggressive and rude person. Yes, probably... Rude toward GOP people and those who hurt campaign.... That doesnt make him bad person. I see rude person on this blog too. I probably wouldnt do it his way but I woulod press charges and bring lawsuits and he didnt... I wasnt there he was....
Ill stop here...
No one pointed out specifically what did Al lied about... There are just vague statements that he is a liar.
Al and Q Fish both came here with their "names and faces" and I respect that. I dont respect people hiding behind their keyboards calling other people liars.