Comment: I don't see it as bad news

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I don't see it as bad news

Ron Paul RepubliCANs are going to be holding Romney to the constitution.. Rand isn't going to sit back, none of us are going to sit back.

Romney and the RNC woke the GOP up with what they did to Ron Paul and Ron Paul delegates. Committees throughout this nation are now working on ending the RNC as a top down organization. The GOP is very offended that the RNC disengranchised Maine's delegates, that they changed the rules from 5 to eight state plurality, that the refused to say "Ron Paul" during the vote count, and then paid a tibute to him and refused to allow him to speak. No matter what their foundation, fiscal conservative, religious right, constitutionalist, rEVOLutionary or Ear5thquakers.. we all wonder.. "So goes Maine, so goes us?"

And many of them LOVE our mission of Restoring the Republic, least they knew it was gone. So we are winning, and a Romney win empowers us LOCALLY as it empowers our committees, resolutions, inniatives and platform.. we have sized up the cheats, the theives, liars this nomination process and we are not going to do nothing. They will be held accountable to the loyalty oaths we all took to the constitution. This fight is a mission with a goal, and it's doable, achieveable.

Romney is not who we wanted, he's what we got, but that does not stop us, only make us work harder knowing we have a better opportunity with Romney, who is already dripping Ron paul's message in a bucket. It's not much, but it;'s more than Obama.

I'm happy to see Obama leave. As the GOP puffs up.. we are not puffed up about Romney... it's NOT about Romney.. it's about restoring the republic, and this is the message..

Today, at the luncheon with the senatorial candidate, I will say, "Romney did great, now we can get back to constitutional government." That's how we win.