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What are you talking about? I

What are you talking about? I love how you change direction every time I expose this constant lie of yours. I mention nothing about Gary Johnson, in fact, I've stated multiple times that I'm not voting, but you want bring up his name and bash him when it has no bearing on anything I've said. Too bad you don't bash Romney with the same gusto as you do Gary Johnson.

Also I brought up nothing about open debates. It seems like you just want to talk about anything other than what Ron Paul has actually said numerous times. The fact remains that Ron Paul thinks libertarians should most importantly educate themselves about our philosophy and Austrian economics, and that we should do whatever we think is best from there. He specifically mentions becoming teachers or joining the media as important places for libertarians to be involved in. Nothing you say has changed this fact. Like I said before, you're all activism without the understanding of libertarian philosophy and Austrian economics. Maybe you should focus on educating yourself about those things, it is what Ron Paul said is the most important thing we can do, after all.