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Thank You

for caring. Nothing like public journaling :) I'm in town today with the Amish so am checking my DP mail here a McDonalds while I wait.

"an injury to any one of us is an injury to every one of us, so care is in order."

Yes, Love God and love your neighbor as yourself...and then there are no other laws needed if those 2 are accomplished because upon them hang all the laws and prophets. Thank you my "West-coast" friend.
I'm still beating my head against the wall of willl. . I guess I don't know when to stop, but G. Edward Griffen so much as talked about legal crime without saying those exact words and willl weighed in and I happened to notice so, I decided I would pursue.
I'm making 32 quarts of chili tomorrow and need to work on a grocery list now. Our church is having a free wild game dinner for the community...I am the free chili maker...Elk and Venison. Jeff was so kind as to hire 2 Amish girls to come and clean for me today. Being sick this week was not part of my planning. I suppose observed, oriented, made a decision, and acted...and I didn't even ask. Now I get to go home to a clean house after being in town all day and just do the small stuff that I know needs done.