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Chuck Baldwin in back in the GOP

Ron Paul does not bash people.

There's nothing wrong with working with GJ on open debates. Do what you want. GJ is not in to win.. he's not restoring America to constitutional government.

We are in the GOP to restore the Republic to Constitutional government, as to many of us who have been working on open debates for decades... we would love to see GJ in the debates, BUT THAT IS NOT OUR MISSION this election.

I don't hate GJ. I'm not voting for GJ because I joined the rEVOLution, got in the GOP, and took a seat TO RESTORE AMERICA TO CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT. Ron Paul gave us a mission as RepubliCANs.

You can choose to NOT do that and work with GJ to open debates. Good luck.. it's not my top priority this election, though it would be nice.