Comment: I just didn't see this as a

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I just didn't see this as a

I just didn't see this as a Mitt win! They both danced around the truth, but Obama seemed confident and addressed the nation while Mitt spoke to Obama. Mitt seemed flustered at several points, while Obama seemed to me to remain calm and collected. I don't care for either one and think they are both socialists/communists, but I think this meme of Mitt winning the debate is all media manufactured to try to tighten this race up so the media can get more viewers in the last 4 weeks! Did YOU think Mitt mopped the floor with Obama, or is this a media created outcome?

Or this could be a plan of the left to increase turnout! If your guy is predicted to win by 10%, a lot of people will just think, hey, he's got this, I don't need to take off work to go vote! If the media attack Obama and say he's going to lose, this may be an underhanded way to increase turn out for Obama?