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Hmm ...

First, Jon Stewart has become a disappointment. He's a funny guy. A comedian, even. He does a comedy show. Yeah, I get it. But there comes a point when he is pretending to do a serious discussion for 5 minutes, and as soon as the disucssion actually gets to a point of real issues, he cracks a joke and keeps his distance from real conversation that could actually have an effect on the audience.

Then, Rand Paul. It seems like at some point in the past, Rand took a look at his dad's 40-year life in politics and concluded that the "all-or-nothing" approach didn't really accomplish much. And it seems like he has decided to try stealth mode.

I realize a lot of people think Rand is a sell out. But consider this. What if there were enough Rand types, or even hard core Tea Party types, in Congress, and they passed a law that is seemingly not that important but would actually majorly wake up people. One such law would be to repeal withholding tax, so that everyone just pays one bill to the government in April each year. The screams and howls would be ear-shattering as people feel the real impact of all that government theft of their money.

Personally, I think it has to be a cultural shift in thinking, and I don't think Rand's method is best. But, I can see the argument he might give and it is not an unreasonable one.