Comment: Obama was being himself

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Obama was being himself

Too lazy to prepare. Lazy and aloof during the debate is what I saw during the five minutes I tried to watch. It's what I see everytime I pause to observe him. Which is not very often.
The left holds him in high regard when it comes to his intellect. I see a Lazy man that took the affirmative action route in life and to me, he showed as such last night.
Of course Romney didn't excite me either with his ideals , cept for one moment when he tried to channel Dr Pauls liberty and freedom message. I turned it off and went to bed when one of the next statements by Romney was his facist ideas about free markets and Government Regulations.
No wonder he's known as a Flip Flopper. He was trying to appeal to the socialist of our society and the Liberty loving free market constitutionalists with the same reasoning?? WTF %&*^$#@ God give the American voter some wisdom , and please hurry.